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Troubleshooting and Help Videos

ReSound Troubleshooting & Help

How to Clean Your Device

How to Insert the Device

How to use “Check My Fit”

How to Remove the Device

How to Change Programs and Volume Control Through the ReSound Smart 3D App

Phonak Troubleshooting & Help

How to Charge Your Device

How to change the Battery

How to Clean Your Hearing Aid

Signia Troubleshooting & Help

How to Power Hearing Aids On & Off

How to Clean Your Devices

How to Charge Your Devices

Starkey Troubleshooting & Help

How To Change a Custom Hearing Aid Battery

How to Turn Starkey Hearing Aids On or Off

How to Change Wax Guards on Standard (RIC) Hearing Aids

How to Use TeleHear in 5 Easy Steps

How to Change Wax Guards on Custom Hearing Aids

How to Replace your Hearing Aid Earpiece

How to Charge your Custom Hearing Aids

Wearing Hearing Aids With Glasses – The Ultimate Guide

How to Use Fall Alert

Oticon Troubleshooting & Help

How to Turn On and Turn Off In-The-Ear Hearing Aids

How to Change Battery Using Multi Tool for In-The-Ear Hearing Aids

How To Pair Remote Control with Oticon Bluetooth Hearing Aids

How to Pair Oticon Bluetooth Hearing Aids and an iPhone

How to Pair Oticon Bluetooth Hearing Aids and an Android Phone

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