Hear In Texas

Patient Stories

Jerry Sanders, Hear In Texas patient


“Dr. Sally will listen to you!”

Jerry first became aware of his hearing loss while watching TV. He recalls, “I couldn’t hear or understand what they were saying.”

Not wanting to miss out on his favorite shows, Jerry decided to give Hear in Texas a try. He already had some prior hearing aid experience, which needless to say wasn’t very positive, but he was hoping for better results this time around. He says he didn’t have any concerns due to “the experience I had with hearing aids (trying out cheap ones on the internet),” and he “knew what I wanted from watching YouTube videos.”

Upon visiting Hear in Texas, Jerry thought the team was “very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable.” Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Jerry was prescribed hearing aids, and this time, the difference is amazing!

“I feel I can understand more now,” says Jerry, even though he is “still learning the technology of them.” He is also impressed with “the follow up after receiving the aids,” calling it “fabulous.”

Jerry gives Hear in Texas a 10/10 rating and hopes to encourage others to visit them. “Don’t be concerned!” he says. “Just make the appointment! Dr. Sally will listen to you!”


Jerry Sanders


“Their highly trained staff will take great care of you.”

Tinnitus is often described as a ringing, buzzing, or hissing sound in the ears. It can be a temporary or constant sensation, but it is one that many people struggle to live with. David knows this all too well, and he was becoming concerned.

He recalls, “When the tinnitus did not stop and was seeming to get worse, I was definitely worried that there could be a serious cause of the tinnitus. My biggest concern was the possibility of having a tumor and needing surgery.”

Not wanting to just let things be, David made an appointment with Hear at Texas. He didn’t have any apprehensions about getting his hearing checked, as he had “previously been seen by another audiologist and ENT specialist,” so he was somewhat familiar with the process.

Upon visiting Hear at Texas, he was impressed with the “very friendly staff” and “nice facility.” Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, David was prescribed a hearing aid for his tinnitus ear.

He is pleased with his new device, saying, “My hearing aid has improved my hearing in the affected ear, helped with tinnitus to a degree.”

Rating Hear in Texas a 10/10, David encourages others to not hesitate in making an appointment. “Go get evaluated; it can change your life. Their highly trained staff will take great care of you,” he says. “They truly care about your hearing issues and are highly skilled in evaluating and treating those problems.”


David Buddemeyer


“Go talk to them.”

Perhaps there is nothing more unsettling than waking up unable to hear. That’s exactly what happened to Margaret.

She shares, “I was 27 years old, woke up one morning, and couldn’t hear out of my left ear. I have a diagnosis of ‘sudden hearing loss,’ and I have almost no hearing whatsoever in that ear. I have been lucky because the hearing in my right ear has been good, and my biggest concern through the years has been protecting that hearing.”

Prior to visiting Hear in Texas, one concern weighed on her mind. Margaret says she was worried about “getting hearing aids that don’t work well and that I don’t want to wear.”

Recalling her initial appointment, she says everyone at the office was “friendly, helpful, informal dog lovers.” Following Margaret’s comprehensive hearing assessment, she was prescribed hearing aids best suited to her individual needs.

“I don’t have to turn my head so much because I have a hearing aid that picks up the sound on my left side,” she says. “I was beginning to have problems with my neck. The background noise damper helps me hear in places like noisy restaurants. In the past, I gave up in places like that. The hearing aids work well.”

The modern Bluetooth technology is also a feature Margaret finds useful. “I love listening to music, radio news, and the telephone on my hearing aids,” she says.

Rating Hear in Texas a 10/10, she encourages others who are struggling with their hearing to make an appointment. “Go talk to them,” Margaret suggests.


Margaret Koranek


“I’m extremely pleased.”

Phil initially received hearing care through the VA, but he felt much more could be done for his hearing. He says, “My assigned people here in New Braunfels really are nice and did try. They were just not trained on ReSound (my preferred brand because of its unique features). It was getting frustrating.”

Not wanting to give up, Phil made an appointment with Hear in Texas, and he wasn’t left disappointed. “Hear in Texas, Dr. Sally, is very knowledgeable of ReSound, probably most others,” he comments. “She immediately recognized the problem and corrected it. A follow up to fine tune, and I’m extremely pleased.” Phil notes that he has one more visit scheduled in a couple of months and then “I’ll be set for the go.”

Phil shares that better hearing has significantly improved his life. Giving Hear in Texas a 9/10 rating, he says they “opened windows I didn’t even know were closed.“ He is thrilled with his “success” and especially loves how Dr. Sally “listens to the client and is knowledgeable enough to address the issue.” He adds, “Thank you, Dr. Sally, for relocating to New Braunfels.”

To others who are contemplating an appointment, Phil says, “Get yourself in there. What’s an hour when the possibility of reopening a window to the world is right next to you?”


Phil Nikel


“She was very encouraging.”

Paula was finding holding a conversation difficult. No matter what steps she took for treatment, they were unsuccessful.

She explains, “I had to keep asking people to repeat. Every conversation with someone started with ‘Pardon me?’ I had tried mail order hearing devices that drove me crazy. I had tried Costco that were horrible. I went back several times only to have them tell me they couldn’t do anything else. I was told I had to just get used to them. I was also told to read out loud so I could get use to them. To no use. They just didn’t work. I went to another hearing specialist, but they only wanted to sell them to me and tell me to get used to them. It was a lot of money to just try.”

After putting her hearing treatment on hold, Paula learned about Hear in Texas. Finally, she seemed to be getting somewhere.

“A few years (yes, years later), I heard about Hear in Texas. I did a lot of research and contacted Dr. Sally even before her clinic was open,” says Paula. “She was very encouraging and thought she could help. At least she wouldn’t give up until she tried everything. I decided to give it my best shot.”

Recalling her initial appointment at Hear in Texas, Paula says, “I liked Dr. Sally immediately. I even liked her before she opened her office. My first appointment was so easy and I felt very comfortable when I left. I believed that any time I had an issue, they would be there to walk me through it. I’m happy to say I have had no problems at all.”

Now, with her devices, life is completely different. “I don’t remember the last time I had to say ‘Pardon me?’” says Paula. “My children and grandchildren no longer have to repeat everything they say. They are so much happier with me. Score 1 for the mom!”

To anyone considering an appointment, Paula says, “I would say give Hear in Texas a try. They are so helpful and understanding. They are always there if you need them. They make sure you can hear what you’re supposed to.

“Just reach out and give them a try. Hearing aids are an adjustment just like getting glasses for the first time. If you need to see, you need to get use to wearing them. Hearing aids are the same. Be patient and keep trying.

“Hear in Texas will stay right there for you and give you all the support you need. You are not just an appointment at Hear In Texas, but you are someone that they truly want to help improve your life.”

Giving Hear in Texas a 10/10 rating, Paula adds that she especially likes dealing with the customer service team. “They know you and care about your hearing health,” she says.


Paula Hyrup


“You will be very pleased.”

Duane was struggling with conversations, and this was affecting his quality of life. “I couldn’t hear what people were saying correctly,” he recalls.

Hoping to find a solution to his hearing challenges, Duane made an appointment with Hear in Texas. His first impressions were all positive. “It was very professional and very informative and knowledgeable,” he says.

Following a thorough conversation with his audiologist and several hearing tests, Duane was prescribed hearing aids. “It has made a great difference in it [hearing] for the better.”

Rating Hear in Texas a 10/10, he encourages others, “Go to them. It’s worth it. You won’t regret it, your hearing will very much improve, and your quality of life will also. They are great and helpful, and you will be very pleased.”




“Concerns were gone.”

Tony’s hearing loss was creating lots of anxiety for him. He had many questions and what ifs weighing on his mind before visiting Hear in Texas. However, he says, “When I met the staff and Dr. Sally, any fears, worries, or concerns were gone.”

He considers the team “so very professional,” and he says his new hearing aids are “great, very comfortable.” Tony adds that the “outstanding customer relations” is a highlight for him and made him feel “relaxed and full of trust.”

Rating Hear in Texas a 10/10, he encourages others to make an appointment, saying, “Trust this very loyal, professional doctor and staff.”


Chief Warrant Officer Tony Ochoa