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Serving Our Community Is Our Passion

Few things are more exciting than helping those with a hearing loss return to an active and independent lifestyle with better relationships and a richer quality of life through better hearing.

Because we’re so blessed to be involved in the lives of so many individuals in our community, the Hear In Texas team is passionate about giving back to our community in as many ways as possible. Some of our favorite experiences of giving back to New Braunfels and its nearby communities include:

serving our community is our passion

Alzheimer’s Symposium

One of the most critical public health issues in America, affecting about 6.5 million individuals over age 65 in 2022, is Alzheimer’s disease. This issue strikes very close to home for us because cognitive impairment and dementia, early risk factors for Alzheimer’s, are often associated with untreated hearing loss.

We take an active role in the annual Alzheimer’s Symposium in New Braunfels in order to spread the word about how better hearing can limit or reverse the effects of cognitive decline. In September 2022, Dr. Sally Miranda made a presentation entitled “Is It Dementia Or Hearing Loss?” to help educate those assembled understand how hearing loss is so closely associated with dementia.

    Alzheimer’s Symposium
    Eden Hill Retirement Community

    Eden Hill Retirement Community

    We are also active in our community by serving the elderly in the Eden Hill Retirement Community. Eden Hill is the only Life Plan Community (Continuing Care Retirement Community) in the New Braunfels area.

    Eden Hill includes resort-style amenities as well as assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. In addition to financial support, we provide hearing care services to many of the residents to help them continue to enjoy a better quality of life in their twilight years.

    Kids R Kids Career Day

    A major objective of Hear In Texas is to educate our community about hearing loss and hearing care in order to enjoy better hearing for a better quality of life. There’s no better place to start than with the children in our community, like those at Kids R Kids Learning Academy.

    Besides teaching kids about how to protect their ears and how to prevent hearing loss, we also encourage many young people to dedicate their lives to helping people hear better by participating in the Kids R Kids Career Day each year.

      Kids R Kids Career Day
      Riverside Pride

      Riverside Pride

      Each year, New Braunfels’ residents gather near the Guadalupe River for family friendly fun that celebrates diversity in our community. Along with helping support the life choices of those in the LBGTQ community, we take the opportunity to educate all who attend the event with a booth dedicated to learning about the amazing technology in modern hearing aids, how to maintain better hearing, and how to prevent damage to your hearing for a better quality of life.

      Surprising Our 100th Patient

      Our patients are our lifeblood. Hear In Texas wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the trust and support of our patients. This year, we celebrated the incredible support our patients provide by surprising our 100th patient in New Braunfels with special gifts to show our appreciation.

      Although we surprised our 100th patient, all of our patients are winners to us, and we’re dedicated to delivering the highest possible level of personalized hearing care to each individual so they can enjoy a richer, more rewarding lifestyle for as long as possible.

      Dr. Sally Miranda With a male patient

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