How to Use Your Hearing Aids during Conference Calls

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

With more hardworking professionals in need of hearing assistance these days, just as many are realizing how much their productivity and work stress improves by using their hearing aids and assistive devices during conference calls.

Prescription hearing aids can help you hear better and perform better at work, especially during conference calls and online meetings. Many jobs are fully remote or hybrid working from home; by using your hearing aids to your advantage, you’ll stay attentive for longer and be more productive at your job.

We often get professionals coming in to see us for hearing care that ask how they can use their hearing aids in conference calls. It’s not only possible but also remarkably easy to do!

How Can I Connect My Hearing Aid to My Computer?

Most hearing aids these days come with Bluetooth capabilities, so connecting your hearing assistive devices to your computer, phone, or tablet has never been easier. Simply go to the Bluetooth menu on your device, find your hearing aids, and click “Connect.”

Each manufacturer of hearing aids has a different way of activating Pairing Mode, which will allow your computer to “find” your hearing aids as a compatible Bluetooth device. Make sure to reference your hearing aid instruction booklet to see how.

Imagine astounding your coworkers with quick replies to questions and witty work commentary without having to double check what someone said or ask for repetition. Not only will you be taking charge in the calls, but you’ll also feel more productive and in the loop with your team.

Some older models of hearing aids don’t come with Bluetooth capabilities; for these, there should be a cable that will connect you to your computer, akin to wired headphones. If you’re not sure about what your hearing aids are capable of, we’re happy to help.

How Can Hearing Aids Help Me at Work? 

Untreated hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline, balance disorders, social isolation, and more negative conditions – but the key word is “untreated.” Hearing aids and hearing care can provide a huge positive toward your work through helping you stay connected in meetings, staying looped in conversations both professional and personal, and improving your productivity levels.

For those looking to work for as long as they can, hearing aids can prove a boon in helping you stay in the office until you’re ready to settle down. Work smarter and harder with the assistance of professional hearing care that’s tailored to your specific needs!

Concerned about Your Hearing?

If we helped you find out a new feature of your hearing aids, we’re so glad we could help! For those that read this far and started wondering if maybe hearing aids could help them in and out of the office, why not come visit us for a comprehensive hearing test?

For questions or concerns, please feel free to request a callback and we’d be happy to provide answers and advice. Alternatively, you can call our clinic at (830) 360-2000.

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

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