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Ensuring You Only Pay for What You Need – the Smart Way to Invest in Better Hearing

You don’t want to pay for things that you do not need or use, yet traditional ‘bundled’ hearing care plans often result in you paying for a bundle of services that are rarely fully utilized.

That’s why, at Hear in Texas, we wanted to create a fairer way.

Through our unique approach, you only pay for what you need and can make some rather significant savings while still achieving better hearing working alongside a trusted Doctor of Audiology.

serving our community is our passion

Continued Care & Coverage Plan

$395 per Year or $39/month

Nobody should ever have to go on the journey to better hearing alone, that’s why our “Continued Care & Coverage Plan” allows you to have the continued support from a Doctor of Audiology who “has got your back” – no matter what happens in the world, you will remain the center of ours as you receive full support and ongoing care.

  • A dedicated hearing care expert whenever you need them
  • Comprehensive annual consultation including updated hearing assessment, any required adjustments, and a multi-point preventative maintenance evaluation
  • Professional hearing aid cleaning and maintenance appointment
  • Two tele-audiology appointments (when required)
  • Annual hearing aid reprogramming/software updates
  • Hearing aid supplies (batteries, domes, & wax filters)

Didn’t Purchase Your Devices From Us? You can still utilize our “Continued Care & Coverage Plan” to receive your ongoing care and support

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If you have a question or would like to speak to Dr. Sally to receive advice about your hearing or a loved one’s hearing, then you can request a callback.

You will then receive a phone call to discuss your needs, answer any questions that you may have, and offer no-obligation support/advice.

It would be wonderful to connect!

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