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Love Local: Why DaVita Dialysis Center Is a Crucial Part of Our Community

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Love Local, Patient Resources, Technology

I love to have fun with this column as it’s a wonderful way to bring people together and share our wonderful experiences with this special community. Most of the time I like to keep it light, but every now and then we are reminded that our neighborhood has some pretty special people in it.

For this edition, I want to take a break from reviewing all the great eateries and fun things to do so we can focus on a more serious matter: your health.

Since we are in the healthcare industry, it is prudent to mention other professionals that can help you improve your condition and lead an overall improved lifestyle.

For those with kidney problems, we are so thankful to have the highly qualified experts at the DaVita Dialysis Center looking after us.

How They Can Help

DaVita is a crucial part of our community, as they help many thousands of people lead a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

They are chiefly responsible for the following:

  • Developing solutions that will transform healthcare for patients with kidney disease
  • Providing integrated care to help people better manage their kidney disease
  • Conducting clinical trial services across the spectrum of pharmaceutical and medical device development since 1985
  • Developing technology that supports nephrologists and the patients who rely on them

They have multiple locations and are tapped into an extensive network of fellow professionals. This is to maintain open lines of communication, help each other solve more problems, and help more patients.

My Personal Experience

I am sorry that I even know this place exists, but I am so glad it does. My mother has been a dialysis patient for a little over a year. She moved to New Braunfels with us in February, and this dialysis center has been absolutely amazing.

The staff are very attentive, and they really get to know their patients. They monitor Mom closely and are very in tune to her needs, questions, and concerns.

Recently my mother was very ill, and her dialysis nurse came to speak to me to let me know what we needed to do. He explained how her treatments could cause different things. One of the assistants even walked my mother to the car, as she was feeling so weak.

I am thankful for DaVita’s staff and the important work they do, which gives their patients quality of life in the face of end-stage renal disease.

Where to Get More Information

We are here to help with more than just your hearing; we are here to help improve your lifestyle. If that means helping you find the best dialysis center, then count us in.

DaVita’s website is full of information that explains its process and procedures. In most cases, DaVita staff can answer all your questions, but if some explanations are complicated, please contact us so we can help.

A healthy, well-rounded life takes more than just attention to healthy hearing; we all have to come together to ensure we get the most out of this beautiful life we all have.

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Dr. Sally Miranda

Dr. Sally Miranda is a trusted audiologist that has dedicated most of her life to audiology and researching innovative ways to serve her patients. She has cared for thousands of ears and is recognized as a leading provider in the region.

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