Freiheit Country Store is really not a store at all; it’s a restaurant!

Love Local: Bring the Kids to Freiheit Country Store

by | May 18, 2022 | Love Local, Patient Resources

We love our local businesses, and this month, we’re giving a hearty Texas shoutout for Freiheit Country Store. 

Freiheit Country Store Has it All 

Don’t let the name fool you: Freiheit Country Store is really not a store at all. It’s a great family and pet-friendly restaurant that has a spectacular outdoor area. 

A beautiful building – This historic icon may have been established in 1889, but it is still going strong. On our recent visit, we ate inside the historic building (with original wood floors) in the middle room. 

Excellent service – We got great service from our server Brandon. He was so friendly and helpful and raved about this awesome place. 

Background noise – One thing I always pay attention to is the background noise level and how easy or difficult it is to have a conversation. Well, the middle room has no music piped in. You can hear it from the other rooms, but it does not interfere with conversation at all! 

Food – The food was delicious as well.

I had a burger, and let me tell you, it was mouthwateringly good! The bun was homemade and even had an “F” branded into the top bun.

The onion rings were yummy too. Next time I will leave room for their homemade pies. 

Have a look at the menu, or better yet, check out their food!

Freiheit Country Store outdoor area
onion rings

They offer ¼, 1/3, and ½ lb. burgers – perfect for all size stomachs – with plenty of toppings to choose from, along with other typical Texas food like nachos, chili, and chicken fried steak. 

Music – They have live music every Wednesday, and some well-known bands play on the weekends. The play area for the kids is within sight of the outdoor tables

Want to Try it Out? 

Freiheit Country Store is closed on Mondays, but they are open every other day from 11-9 p.m. and until 10 p.m. Thurs-Saturday •11-10 pm 

They also take to-go orders, although only up until 6 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Go for the food and the service and sit in the middle room to avoid piped music or outside if you want to bring your kids and the doggie. We’ll be back for sure. 

If you own or know of a local business that you think we should feature next month, call us at (830) 360-2000. We would love to hear about it! 

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Dr. Sally Miranda

Dr. Sally Miranda is a trusted audiologist that has dedicated most of her life to audiology and researching innovative ways to serve her patients. She has cared for thousands of ears and is recognized as a leading provider in the region.

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