Is The New Jabra Enhance Plus A Viable Hearing Solution?

by | May 12, 2022 | Hearing Aids, Industry News, Patient Resources, Technology

We’ve seen many devices manufactured in the last few months claiming to be legitimate hearing aids but being far from it. But there are two that have passed initial FDA checks and are now available through a licensed hearing professional – the Bose SoundControl and the Jabra Enhance Plus.

Currently sold as “miniaturized 3-in-1 earbuds for hearing enhancement, music and calls,” this device is an earbud with hearing aid technology.

Jabra says it has:

  • Enhanced audibility – powerful, world-class hearing enhancement
  • Miniaturized design – ultra-discreet and comfortable
  • Advanced technology – state-of-the-art signal processing for incredible audio clarity

Since the hearing healthcare of those in our New Braunfels community is of paramount importance to our team at Hear in Texas, I wanted to help those seeking a solution for their hearing challenges to better understand the options currently available to them.

Who Is The Enhance Plus A Good Fit For?

We think these are best for people who:

  • Struggle to hear only in certain environments – like restaurants or when they have to hear things from a distance. I think it will be used most in places where there is background noise.
  • Want to be able to stream audio and phone calls from their phones. It will also be amazing for people who need help hearing phone calls better.
  • Know they need help with their hearing but aren’t ready to commit to wearing hearing aids. Many will use it at work when they are in meetings or around people who wear masks.
  • Have an auditory processing disorder and need a boost for their hearing.
  • Feel they would not use a prescription hearing aid enough to warrant the cost.
  • Feel they are too young for the look of a prescription hearing aid.

If a person is tired of struggling to hear or understand in certain environments, but they don’t feel like they really have a hearing problem the rest of the time, this device can help.​

Is The Jabra Enhance Plus Good For Hearing Healthcare?

This product will bridge a gap for the thousands of people who find themselves with a mild to moderate hearing loss or those with no measurable hearing loss but who still struggle to hear in any type of background noise.

Because this product is intended to be used situationally, more people will be apt to help themselves to hearing better with it.

At $799, the cost is much lower than that for prescription hearing aids, thus allowing more access. Now, instead of people waiting years to do something about their hearing, they can do it so much sooner, which in turn will ease cognitive load on the brain.


When a device is called “self-fitting,” it means it is designed for an individual to set up on their own with no follow-up care. Based on the data they input to the app, they will get a fitting or programing that will help their particular hearing loss.

There are quite a few limitations to wearing one of these compared to the many features of a prescription hearing aid. There are limitations to:

  • The volume levels.
  • The precise setting for each individual pitch.
  • The way the device adjusts in different listening environments.
  • The charge – it does not last as long because it is only intended for situational rather than all-day use.

With a prescription hearing aid, every part of the programing matches the results of a comprehensive hearing test carried out by a licensed professional.

A prescription hearing aid is also fit to the exact size of the ear and ear canal by an audiologist, with as many follow-up visits as it takes to make sure the hearing aid fits comfortably.

Long-term care is then provided for the next one to five years, depending on the service package purchased.

In short, the settings on the Jabra Enhance Plus are more suitable for those who just need help in certain circumstances, while those of a prescription hearing aid are customized and precise and are optimized exactly for your needs.

Not Ready For Prescription Hearing Aids?

It is important to address hearing loss as soon as possible because of the cognitive load it puts on the brain.

When there is hearing loss, other parts of the brain not responsible for hearing start working harder so that means that those centers aren’t doing the work they are intended to do. Something has to give.

Hearing loss affects so many aspects of our lives, so this is a perfect opportunity for those who do not want to fully accept their hearing challenges.

We are excited about offering the Jabra Enhance Plus at our clinic! We know it’s going to help a lot of patients who are taking their first step toward better hearing.

Feel free to email any questions to or call or text us at 830.360.2000. We look forward to helping treat your hearing needs with the best solution possible.

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Dr. Sally Miranda

Dr. Sally Miranda is a trusted audiologist that has dedicated most of her life to audiology and researching innovative ways to serve her patients. She has cared for thousands of ears and is recognized as a leading provider in the region.

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