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Maudi Alvarado-Robles

Hearing Care Advocate

Maudi Alvarado-Robles is licensed by the State of Texas as a hearing aid dispenser.

She became passionate about hearing solutions after seeing how the right hearing aids changed her stepfather’s life. He had slowly been withdrawing from family life for years, but within days of having his hearing tested and treated properly, he was no longer self-isolating and was happy and engaging with family members.

With a start to her career in business development but moved by seeing the difference in her stepfather’s life, Maudi began working for a hearing instrument specialist as a front desk coordinator, moving from there to become a hearing aid dispenser trainee.

After that practice was sold, Maudi became a business consultant for private hearing clinics, but the personal joy she got from fitting patients with the right hearing treatment never went away, and a few years later, she moved to New Braunfels to meet the hearing needs of our community and fit hearing aids again.

From finding the best hearing solutions to implementing best business practices, Maudi is already a treasured part of the Hear in Texas team.

While she loves every aspect of Hear in Texas’s offerings, she particularly enjoys working with an audiologist because it means she knows that anyone who walks in the door will have every facet of their hearing needs addressed, guaranteed.

Maudi loves getting to know each patient and learning his or her individual stories and needs, and thanks to her stepfather’s hearing journey, she knows that by providing exceptional hearing solutions, she is a key part of restoring family relationships.

Maudi Alvarado-Robles, Hearing Care Advocate at Hear in Texas

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