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After 7 months of being on a waiting list, we finally got to bring Hear-O home in July 2021. His mom is a Bernese Mountain Dog and his dad is a Standard Poodle. It was estimated he would grow to be about 70lbs. He is now in the 80lb range at age 10 months. His long coat is super soft and he does not shed or smell.

Hear-O is a lovable, docile dog full of energy and excitement. He is being trained to be both a therapy dog and a service dog. He just received his certificate for the first phase of training. He is super smart and loves hugs. His favorite snack is just plain ice. Every time he hears the ice dispenser, he comes running for a treat. He learns tricks really quickly. They include: sit, stay, down, shake, stand, speak, beg, whisper, place, heel, come, spin, up, quiet.

In public he is the perfect gentleman and is well behaved when we take him to the store with us. He loves to go on car rides.

Hear-O is our very first pawdiologist (thank you, Donna at Orange & Gray for suggesting his title) and will be a part of the Hear In Texas team with his very own office. He will help soothe nerves or just be available for pets and hugs.

Hear-O, Pawdiologist of Hear in Texas

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