Hear In Texas

Amelia Flores

Patient Care Coordinator

Amelia Flores (Amy) is a proud military brat who’s parents were born and raised in New Braunfels, Tx. After, her dad retired they moved back to New Braunfels and Amy has been a New Braunfels local since 1988.

Amy was married to the love of her life for 28 yrs. until she lost him to cancer 19 months ago. She has 2 grown children.

Amy is a Devote Catholic and lifelong member of OLPH-NB. In her free time, she is at church, working on the Parish Council, hanging out with her sisters in Christ, or being with her mama. She has a fierce love for reading and going to different Market Days.

She was working for Dr Lori Hickson when she was approached by Christy Bard and told that she would be a perfect fit for Hear in Tx. She later met Dr Sally and Carlos Miranda at a marketing event when they asked her to stop by the office for “a talk”. Amy felt that she needed a change and felt that her 30+ yrs in the medical field she still had something new to learn and after talking to the Miranda’s at great length. She knew she was home. She began her new adventure on June 26, 2023, at Hear in Tx.

Amy Loves working for Hear in Tx because the company is small and family based. They care about their patients and helping our VETS is a #1 Priority. Amy remembered when her dad was 1st retired and states that it was very hard to get medical attention of any kind. At Hear in Texas we strive to be the best at assisting our VETS.

My interaction with patients is not limited to just “office work”, The 1st time I got to help a patient all by myself, the patient told me his hearing aids had not worked in over 3 months, he wanted me to clean, check them and see if I could do anything. After working for about 30 minutes, I returned the hearing aids working. The look on his face was so amazing, he was so grateful that he could hear again. It made my day, and I knew for certain that I had made the right choice in joining the Hear in Texas Team .

Amelia Flores, Patient Care Coordinator at Hear in Texas

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